Ang tao

When asked what I will miss most about the Philippines, I always know my answer. Ang tao (the people). My work experience over the last  8 weeks has been fantastic. I got to see what rice actually looks like before you eat it and familiarize myself with a few genes. I have enjoyed every second of lab work, made all the better by the people I shared that space with. The scientists and students in my lab have taught me how to make agarose gels, run Western blot, describe what I’ve eaten in Tagalog, and so much more. I can never forget the kindness, hospitality, and love they have shown me. Not only were these people my coworkers but my teachers, friends, wingmen, and confidantes. They have opened their hearts and their homes to me, and I only wish I had more to give them in return. To all the amazing people I have met in the Philippines, mahal kita and I hope to see you again soon.

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Special shoutout to Alexei, the cutest person I met in the Philippines and probably my favorite to hang out with.


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