Trabaho at Fiesta!

I’m not sure how grammatically correct this title is, but I promise I’m learning a lot of Tagalog.

It’s work hard, play hard here in C4. Since starting my internship, I have gone to videoke 3 times, all with my fantastic labmates. Tonight, we threw a party at Ate Nane’s house. I got to meet her grandmother, who gave me a tour of their garden. She also has karaoke in her living room, so (of course) that was a big pasrt of the night. Everyone there worked together preparing a homemade dinner of sopas and chicken adobo (courtesy of Lola). Altogether, it was a great evening well-spent with these people that are just as fun to work with as hang out with.

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Oh and this pet bird kept landing on my head.


4 thoughts on “Trabaho at Fiesta!

  1. Update on this: so one of my labmates, Kuya Emman (siya ay sobra gwapo, but I digress), had told me that he would come to this thing, but then he wasn’t able to make it because of work. Tragic. We all had fun without him. But this morning Ate Lea told him that I was mad at him for not coming. And when he said “maganda umaga” she didn’t let me respond because I was “galit.” Anyway, he promised he would come to the next thing, so I guess there’s that.


    • Emman told me today that he’s reading this blog so here’s hoping he doesn’t read the comments where the author explicitly calls him handsome then admits to lying to his face…


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