Pancit, balut, and gossip

Today, Ate Jane hosted a small C4 get-together at her house. We ate homemade pancit and enjoyed time together as the OJTs prepare to go home. She had her husband bring some balut from town, which Ina insisted was “masarap.” Well, I disagree. This famous Filipino street food is a chicken egg boiled with a developing fetus inside. It really just tastes like eggs, but it looks like a scene from alien. At least I have this story to tell (and video proof that you can find on my Facebook because wordpress does not permit posting videos).

Over dinner,  we got to talking about lab crushes. Turns out all four undergraduate interns seem to be interested in the same guy. But I’m staying at IRRI two weeks longer than the rest of them, so I think that gives me a leg up on the competition. 😉

I also got this strange fruit as a gift from Ate Jane’s brother. I can’t remember the name of it, but I’m intrigued.


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