Vortex, centrifuge, and cuvettes; oh my!

I am continuing my work on Hsiang’s thesis using UV-Vis to detect sugars in transgenic plants. Unfortunately, the many hours of work I did last week were for not because we can’t actually identify the samples I ran. I can tell you the sugar concentrations accurate to the micromole, but I have no idea which plants the leaves actually came from.

This week, I am doing my own extractions. Now, we can guarantee we know which samples we’re actually testing. It’s also a lot of work to extract sugars! I’ve only finished the first step, but I still feel the frost bite from all the liquid nitrogen I had to handle.

Oh and for reference. look at some of this high-tech science stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Vortex, centrifuge, and cuvettes; oh my!

  1. Bryan Hargrove. Wow! Looks like you are doing some interesting work using Spectrophotometers, PCR equipment (is this real time?), Centrifuges. Very cool!

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