Mayroon po ba kayong wifi?

Finally, I have learned the most important sentence. Do you have wifi? Actually, I spent most of the weekend completely unplugged. This weekend, 4 interns from IRRI took a trip to El Nido, Palawan. It's so beautiful there. I got to go swimming and snorkeling amd take some awesome pictures. (Coming soon). I also met … Continue reading Mayroon po ba kayong wifi?


Western blot

I started working on my first Western blot last Monday and started a new set of samples this week. It is probably the most difficult thing I've had to implement in my research. It's just so easy to do one thing wrong and mess the entire thing up. Today, I left my lab after 7 … Continue reading Western blot

Fourth of July

It's Independence Day back home, but here in the Philippines it's Filipino-American Friendship Day. And I got to celebrate by running UV-Vis and eating in the cafeteria. This obviously beats barbecues and fireworks. I also had a Brit take over the machine that I was using. Today. On this day that my country declared independence … Continue reading Fourth of July