You speak Tagalog???

It’s amazing how far a few key phrases can take you. Just greeting people with “maganda gabi” or responding to kind favors with “salamat po” is instantly met with shocked expressions and the question “you speak Tagalog?” Of course, I only know a few words and phrases that I’ve learned from Tito Mon’s brief orientation or from my labmates, but it’s enough to get by. I even knew enough words to play a game of catch with a baby at the mall today.

Saan ito? Saan ang ball? Dito!


4 thoughts on “You speak Tagalog???

  1. Of course you found a way to get a child to play with you. You’re always been fun. 😉 I doubt that you needed Tagalog but well done any way. I love hearing about your work. Take care of yourself please. XO


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