I did it myself

Today, Hsiang took the day off after celebrating her birthday Sunday. That left me with my very own PCR project. With a little guidance from Ate Nani, I obtained all my own samples, made the custom buffer, ran the PCR, made my own gel, ran electrophoresis, and analyzed the results. What a full day!


You speak Tagalog???

It's amazing how far a few key phrases can take you. Just greeting people with "maganda gabi" or responding to kind favors with "salamat po" is instantly met with shocked expressions and the question "you speak Tagalog?" Of course, I only know a few words and phrases that I've learned from Tito Mon's brief orientation … Continue reading You speak Tagalog???

UV Miserable

The last couple days, I have been running and revising Hsiang's protocol for her post-doctoral thesis. This includes 14 individual hour-long UV-Visible spectroscopy runs in 2 days- plus 8 more tomorrow and 3 next week. I also get to analyze the data partially by hand (the spectrophotometer takes a scan every second!). Luckily, the adjustments … Continue reading UV Miserable